Terri Weinmann Friedlander
I'm Terri Weinmann Friedlander.

Born on Long Island, I’ve always been surrounded by the water and love the beach, lighthouses and all things nautical.  Nothing compares to the mist of the ocean or a long walk on a sandy beach at sunset.  I enjoyed many relaxing days on the Great South Bay and even more frantic days in the business world of that other nearby island, Manhattan.

I’ve dabbled with a notable list of job titles in my career. Yet, with all business cards proudly dispersed, I have a  passion for inscribing words on the screen.   Whether writing newspaper columns, novels, newsletters, human interest stories or creative lesson plans, I live to write. 

But my true happiness comes from being the mom of my amazing daughter, who provides me with love and inspiration every day. 

As an avid reader of all things fiction, non-fiction, and even the daily newspaper, I admit to an addiction to Microsoft Word and the internet.  When I finally shut down the computer, I can be found loving life in Florida with my handsome husband and Captain. 

Together, we live in Paradise, help out in the community and thank God for all our blessings, especially the gift of our precious girl.

I have also been lucky enough to see and discover much of the beautiful United States and the world.  Traveling multiple times to Europe, South America, Australia and Hong Kong has offered me wonderful life-altering experiences to share and to feed my imagination.

The Dorm is my coming-of-age novel about Blair Palmer, a college freshman embarking on her first semester at college. She meets senior Logan Mills and soon finds herself involved in a toxic relationship when he begins insisting she turn her back on her parents and friends. Will her family's unconditional love be enough to save her?

Chasing Her Destiny is loosely based on my own desires to leave the fast lane of New York City and start a family.   It is dedicated to all the brave birth mothers in the world and to the innocent victims of the September 11th terrorist attacks. 

My latest venture has been as a freelance journalist with the newspapers, Florida Today and the Tallahassee Democrat.  Click the links for my original columns, “In Front of the Classroom”.  

Diary of a High School Teacher is my new fictional novel featuring the voice of career-changer and high school teacher, Emma Goodyear.  It tells of the triumphs and challenges of being an educator in today’s modern classroom filled with its intense drama, bullying, technology, and endless challenges. The enlightening and poignant story will be available early next year.   

I absolutely love what I do, it's very rewarding to inspire others and help people change their lives.

Thank you for reading!

"You will never have this day again, so make it count."