Terri Weinmann Friedlander
    Work Hard, Play Hard is an action packed novel about the nonstop, glamorous life of a single career girl in Manhattan. Suddenly being pursued by one of the most eligible bachelors in the Jewelry District, she glimpses his world of Rolexes, diamonds, suitcases full of cash and guns. She soon suspects a darker side to his mysterious business deals but never imagines that he would put her career at risk as well as his own. Generations of baby boomers will delight in this romp through the popular culture of the 80’s: insider trading, pulsating disco music, the explosion of technology, and white collar greed.
  2. Torments and Triumphs of a High School Teacher
    Diary of a High School Teacher is a must-read contemporary novel for every parent with a student in today’s schools. It follows the daily struggles of a tireless teacher trying to earn respect, handling classroom management issues, doling out punishments and rewards, contacting parents and motivating students all while submitting paperwork and lesson plans on impossible deadlines. Written with humor and honesty, the story tells of the passion and commitment of teachers on the frontline everyday. Excerpt below: “Hand me that cell phone please Mindy,” Emma said, stopping her lesson and trying not to lose her patience with the high school senior in the second row. “What cell phone?” Mindy replied and glared, having already tossed it into her oversized purse which she zipped as if to dare that if Emma touch her personal belongings she would start a lawsuit. “I’m trying to teach you skills to help you get a job,” Emma pleaded, not for the first time. “You’re graduating in less than four months and it would help to know Excel. The smartest thing you did was sign up to take this business class.” “But this is so boring. I don’t want to create another dumb spreadsheet. I’m never going to use this in my life,” Mindy moaned as if the only thing that mattered in the universe was to answer her phone and to continue texting. “Yes you are,” Emma replied as the rest of the class continued talking. “These computer skills are in demand by every employer. But you need to stop fighting me and pay attention.” “I don’t care about any of this crap,” Mindy shouted before grabbing her purse, and storming out of the classroom. All twenty-five sets of eyes were fixed on Emma Goodyear, in a rare moment of complete silence, waiting for their teacher’s next move.
  3. Raising Daddy's Girl
    Raising Daddy’s Girl is a humorous story about the powerful bond between fathers and daughters and the conflicts that arise with the other woman in the household, Mom. The happily married couple experience an overwhelming love for their long awaited, newborn daughter who becomes the center of their universe. In no time, she has her father wrapped around her finger, getting exactly what she wants, except when her mother intervenes. Readers will laugh and cry at the heartwarming and unpredictable events that unfold for the entire family over the next eventful sixteen years.